The Power of Positive Framing

Especially during tough times, I occasionally go back to review the basics on my positive framing technique.

I thought I was share my techniques I had learned about and adapted, in the chance that you may benefit from this method as well.

I had developed this technique during my self improvement phase some years back, when I had found myself unhappy in both my career and personal life.

I had finally decided I was going to live life, rather than allow life to live me.

With my new outlook, I have never been happier. I have never loved life this much since my earlier stress-free and worry-free years, and the nostalgia feels amazing.

Here are some concepts and new behaviors that I had focused in on:

Journal your thoughts – make it a daily habit to keep a journal, and write down your feelings throughout the day. It will help you zero in on where the stress and negative thoughts in your life are coming from.

Identify positive “triggers” – Track the things that give you a good feeling throughout the day. It could be a certain memory, a certain person, or a certain activity that you enjoy. Knowing these triggers will be important later in this process.

Reframe negative thoughts – In your journal, if you are writing down something negative that has happened, try to also find something positive to get out of it. Trust me, you can find it.

Be appreciative and grateful – Every morning, practice thinking about things that you appreciate in your life, and how they make you feel good. These daily positive thoughts will eventually drown out the negative voices we may find ourselves listening to.

Realize that (most) other people are simply trying their best – this helped me be more patient, and prevents me from being judgemental toward others. Oh, and for those people who are destructive and harmful to yourself and others….phase them out of your life as efficiently as you can.

These basic techniques allow me to have a realistic, mature approach to life, while automatically filtering out the anxiety, stress, and worry that I had experienced before.

I plan to explain these concepts in even more detail in future posts.

Enjoy life with your new mindset!

2 thoughts on “The Power of Positive Framing”

  1. It’s a great article! I strongly believe that gratefulness is a key to unlock a positive mindset.
    It’s also a wonderful reminder that there is a positive aspect in most things and the importance of identifying and re-framing the words used and what an impact choices of positive language make!


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