Why I Started Using Luminosity Masks In Photoshop

After years of using just Lightroom to process my photos, I had decided recently that I wanted to open up and increase my photo processing capabilities.

I always prefer to capture images in my photography as close as possible to how I see them, and as I had blogged recently, I had learned how to use my histogram to capture more data in my exposures.

Once all this data was captured in my exposures, I wanted to use the additional processing power of Photoshop to bring out the detail and dynamic range that I was looking for.

So what are luminosity masks?

It is a process within Photoshop that will select a precise area of a photo, based on the lighness value. Sometimes you want to zero in on a specific area of a photo, and just add adjustments to that area, without affecting anywhere else. More on this later.

So far, I am happy that I am able to bring out the light and the highlights of these landscapes, to help these photos look more like what I really saw when I was out there enjoying the scene.

This is very exciting, and I hope to capture many more photos with this technique!

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