What Day Hiking Gear Do I Need?

Last week I had covered the gear that I bring for a backpacking trip, now let’s talk about cutting back to the items that you will need just for a day hike.

The first decision is easy….bring the 10 essentials.

Even though it’s a “day” hike, ALWAYS ask yourself if you have the food and supplies you would need if you get caught out there when it gets dark. You may decide last minute to stay for the sunset!

Here is the Osprey Kode 30 liter pack I use:

This is actually a pack that I bought a couple years ago strictly for snowshoeing, but it ended up working out perfect for me on all day hikes. I had since replaced it with the newer model from Osprey, which is now a 33 liter pack.

I always bring a pocket knife, bear spray, sunblock, my headlamp and GPS.

I use a 3 liter reservoir on each trip, and usually will go through all of it!

Here’s a tip for always having cold water on the hot days ….fill your water reservoir halfway, and store overnight in the freezer. Make sure you store it so the water does not contact the opening where you fill it, so that it’s not frozen shut the next morning (been there, done that)!

Fill the rest of it up in the morning, and it will be ready to drink and will slowly thaw throughout the day, leaving you with cold water for your hike!

Keep in mind that you always want to bring the 10 essentials, regardless of how short or familiar the hike location may seem. I always keep a rain shell in my pack regardless of the weather.

Here is my fully packed day pack:

My next topics will be basic photography tips and trail reports, followed by more detail on the type of items I had learned to appreciate on the trails and in the wilderness!

If this information is useful to you, please give me a follow and feel free to send this link to friends who may benefit from this info.

Happy Trails!

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