Why You Should Be Using Avenza

There is a great free app for iPhone and Android that you should consider using while out in the wilderness.

Avenza shows your location, in real time. I downloaded this Mt. Rainier National Park map got free on the Avenza store.

It will let you download many free maps from their website, and even use your own that you had created using a map building service, like CalTopo. (I had described this process in a previous post, which I has linked below).

Plan Yourself an Amazing and Safe Adventure!

I use it on my iPhone while hiking, and it uses the GPS, so I can even use this while out of cell phone reception.

You can easily ensure that you are in the trail that you intend to be on.

it is a great tool to help you explore areas, and will let you know if you drift off your trail, and can help you get back on course.

It’s also very simple to use….if you can use Google Maps, you can use Avenza.

You can also use on roads, to make sure you are on the right track to the trailhead.

I recommend you give it a try on your next adventure!

Learn some great hiking and photography tricks, while preserving our amazing wilderness!

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