Fire Lookouts

Some of my most favorite hikes are discovering or visiting some of our local fire lookouts in Washington State.

Most of these (not all of them!) are short, but steep hikes, and always end in amazing views! These are also some of my favorite places for sunset and night photography.

High Rock Fire Lookout sits on a rocky ledge, near Ashford, WA.
This is from one of my favorite ngiht photography trips thsi past summer.
This was from a sunset and night hike to the Fremont Fire Looking within Mt. Rainier National Park.
A great fire lookout near Wenatchee, WA.
A great night out at Kelly Butte Fire Lookout, in September 2015.
Burley Mountain Lookout, near Randle, provides a great view of Mt. Adams.
Had a great day hike out to Shriner Peak lookout in MRNP, in July 2017.
Took this panarama as the sun went down, during this great backpacking trip in July 2017. Camped at the base of this fire lookout, with Mt. St. Helens in the background.
One of my favorites, from a great group hike up to Fremont Fire Lookout this summer. You can see the headlamps of climbers heading up the glacier from Camp Schurman.
This great fire lookout, Gobbler’s Knob, is at Mt. Rainier National Park in Washington State.
This fire lookout at Kelly Butte is one of my favorite hiking destinations near the Greenwater area. Taken in June 2017.
From a great night out at Suntop Fire Lookout, in September 2018.
This is from a great sunset hike up to Red top Fire Lookout.

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