While out exploring and photographing mountains, streams, and lakes is mostly my favorite place to be, there are occasions where I will come upon structures in the wilderness, that are fun to visit and photograph as well.

These include bridges, barns, and fire lookouts (which are my most favorite to visit!).

I mostly appreciate the one that are the least obtrusive, and just naturally appear to be a part of the landscape!


This barn sits quietly in a field in Cle Elum, WA.
High Rock Fire Lookout sits on a rocky ledge, near Ashford, WA.
The sun had worked its way through the clouds, during a great walk along Lake Crescent.
This scenic barn rests in the meadow near Cle Elum.
A great hike to a fire lookout near Wenatchee, overlooking a smoky valley.
Had a great day hike out to Shriner Peak lookout in MRNP, in July 2017.
This was taken on the way to Eastern Washington State.
One of my favorites, from a great group hike up to Fremont Fire Lookout this summer. You can see the headlamps of climbers heading up the glacier from Camp Schurman.
This is from one of my favorite ngiht photography trips thsi past summer.
This was from a sunset and night hike to the Fremont Fire Looking within Mt. Rainier National Park.
Caught this scene during an early morning walk near Ellensburg last May.
The Vista House sits atop Mt. Spokane, located outside Spokane, WA. Built in 1933 by the Civilian Construction Corps, and renovated in 2002, it was designed with the principle that states “stone and timber structures were meant to emerge from their surroundings as if they were expressions of the site”.

Happy Trails!

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