Here are some of my favorite photos from some adventures I had experienced while hiking, camping, and backpacking.

An amazing sunrise that I witnessed from an overnight trip to Camp Muir, on Mt. Rainier in Washington State..
The recent wildfires from 2016 added some amazing sunlight effects, during a sunset hike at Mt. Rainier National Park.
This is from a great sunset hike up to Red top Fire Lookout.
Woke up to this amazing scene, during an overnight stay in the Mt. Adams Wilderness.
A great night exploring the area around Mt. St. Helens. The moon and Jupiter had started to glow as the sun went down.
A lighthouse is a great place to visit during a sunset! This was from Discovery Park in Seattle, WA.
A fun trail blazes through wildflowers at the Naches Peak Loop, at Chinook Pass in Washington State.
The sunset was reflecting from Gold Creek Pond, in Snoqualmie, Wa
The east side of Mt. Rainier, one of my favorite areas to photograph!
A great sunrise begins to form above Mt. Adams, during an overnight near Mt. St. Helens.

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